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UPDATE 12-FEB-2018:  I have availability for one to two new clients. Call me if you think this approach might work for you.

Bruce Cook

You’re a boot-strapped start up company scrambling for funding. Your accounting system needs to be set up properly but a full time Controller salary just isn’t in the budget. Can you afford to set up your accountability system the wrong way? How much will it cost to fix later?

You’ve gotten some investor funding, maybe a grant or two, perhaps some state money. You’re now rapidly expanding but your accounting system is stuck in a homegrown mess and getting further behind everyday. You sense you’re not getting correct information.

Your business is humming along but you realize your accounting system just isn’t cutting it. It has tried to evolve with the business but has not kept up. You sense major problems if you don’t get it fixed.

You just learned your investors want a financial audit performed or your grant requirements call for a program audit. (Have you reviewed your grant docs?) How do you prepare? How do you vet an auditing firm?

You don’t have any meaningful feedback on project and job costs or spending versus budgets. You’re flying by the seat of your pants.


Engage a veteren, experienced CPA/Controller on an hourly consulting basis and get as little or as much help as you need. Let me oversee the design/revamp of your systems and processes plus hire/train the staff to run the system on a daily basis. I’m a problem-solving specialist with a very creative touch!

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Unlike most of my CPA and Controller colleagues, I enjoy working part time with a variety of different businesses on project work as opposed to a full time job at one employer. Turn this to your advantage by engaging a “real” Controller only as often as you need to. When the time comes for you to hire a full time Controller, I will help you develop the job description, interview and screen candidates for you. Give me a call to discuss real, tangible solutions for your business. Contact me.

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